Welcome to Flourish For Moms!

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Welcome to Flourish For Moms!

Welcome to Flourish – For Moms! This brand came straight from the heart from a mom of three young children, Casey Howard. Here’s the why behind the birth of this new brand!

“As you’ve all read on my Facebook updates lately, these last few months, I’ve been on a journey to better myself and not be so stressed with mom life. These last few months have been such an amazing transformation for me. I felt compelled to start a Facebook group to help other moms in my same boat. Recently, I’ve realized that I want to do more than just have a Facebook group for moms… I want to turn this whole journey of mine into an entire brand for moms. I’m now on the journey to start a new business, which will be a physical products based brand. The people my brand will serve are stressed out moms who want to get more self care in, feel better physically and mentally, and completely flourish at life. The name of my brand will be Flourish For Moms. The products that I’ll be launching over the next year to serve these people will be a manifest your best life journal, a multi vitamin + ashwagandha + probiotic all in one vitamin, weighted blanket, and yoga pants and or mat.. maybe both. I am so excited to dive head first and see where this takes me. I’ll post updates so you can follow along with my journey of creating this new brand. It’s crazy how one thing leads to another.”


Here’s my logo. I’m in love with it!

Taken straight from the business announcement posted on Casey Howard’s Facebook page and Facebook group for moms

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